About the artist

Born in the Indre in 1953, Roland Nicolas Boudeau was always attracted to drawing and graphics arts. Even when he was very young, he created fantastic, colourful paintings. The combination of serious studying and self-acquired learning led him to an excellent level of artistic culture.
Interested in everything and passionate about philosophy and litterature, he continueds to paint and draw whilst dealing with his demanding career as a sales executive for more than thirty years.

His work then explored a unique and remarkable world without any notable pictoral influence. Narrative, fabulous, philosophic, romantic, but full of ironiy bordering on caricature, his world set in a thoughtful way is expressed in an academic almost traditional way, which gives it a poetic, refreshing dimension.

The originality of the themes dealt with sets his work apart from the commonplace and cinematic and industrail influences of usual contempory fantastic art.

Moreover, the richness of the colours used gives his original work an astonishing magical light.

Come into the complex disconcerting universe of this artist who currently lives in the Limoges area in the Centre of France !

Also available in : Français